The Lilly Pad Village

Enjoy an amazing day in the mountains
Blue Ridge's favorite destination for family fun!

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Best Gem Mining in Blue Ridge

Have you ever tried Gem Mining?

The Lilly Pad Gem Mining is perhaps the BEST experience you will have with this activity. The best finds, the most instructive and interactive experience.

Warning - ADDICTIVE - You will be back for more! Guaranteed!

Gem Mine With Us

Fishing The Lilly Pond

Imagine seeing your little one catch his/her first fish!

Our pond is fully stocked with catfish, bass and brim. We do catch and release and fishing license is NOT REQUIRED.

Fishing tickets are good for the entire day. Bring your own poles or simply rent ours.

Catch The Big One

Hiking Near Blue Ridge, GA

Be one with Nature! Our Guided Hikes are great for all ages and are custom designed for your group.

If you would like to hike without a guide, our page will give you some good directions to some great trails - or come by and we shall design a hike for you and send you on your way with some great directions.

Take A Hike

Mountain Mini Golf

Our nine hole course is set in a beautiful mountain setting and is shaded and cool during the summer months.

Your ticket gets you unlimited play for the day.You may even leave and come back later for another round of fun. We are constantly remodeling our course and soon we shall have our Mini Golf/Nature Walk open for your enjoyment.

Putt Putt

The Lilly Pad Village

Gem Mining, Mini Golf, Fishing - Favorite activities in Blue Ridge GA

The Lilly Pad Village is designed around a beautiful mountain environment with beautiful views and full of sounds of nature. Participate in one of our fun activities and listen to the cacophony of bull frogs, spring peepers, tree frogs, hundreds of birds and of course our famous rooster. Have Cat pay you a visit while gem mining, or Lucy (our very well behaved and gentle boxer) walk with you by the pond.

So if you are wondering what to do in Blue Ridge or how to keep adults and kids entertained visit the Lilly Pad Village. Our activities are not just for kids but can be very entertaining for adults also. We have countless of returning customers - year after year. In fact we have seen many of our young guests grow from babies to young adults in the past ten years. We are located in the heart of the Aska Adventure Area - home for hundreds of hiking trails, the Toccoa River and abundance of wild life and vegetation.

Lilly Pad Village

The Lilly Pad Village - Beautiful surroundings and fun for all.

Our Gem Mining is second to none. We actually make the effort and take the time to make your experience be not only fun but educational. One of our talented and experienced gem guides is with you for the duration of the experience.

The Mini Golf is a very unique nine hole course built into the mountain side. You will play UNLIMITED rounds during the day - the same is to be said about our fishing pond! Mini Golf and Fishing tickets are good for the entire day!

Make the Lilly Pad Village one of your destinations on your next visit! Picnic tables are available for your enjoyment and we are pet friendly!

No reservations are needed - please check our hours. If you have any special requirements, need group rates or would like to visit outside of our regular business hours, please contact the Lilly Pad Village.

Lilly Pad Village Gem Mining Blue Ridge GA

No entrance fee +
Free parking +
Pets are welcome +
Spend the entire day +
Unlimited rounds of golf +
Picnic tables available +
Beautiful setting +
Friendly staff +


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