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Springer Mountain.

Springer Mountain is the South Terminus of the very popular Appalachian Trail. If you are looking for a quick, not so strenuous and very fulfilling little hike, you should add this to your thinks to do in Blue Ridge, GA. The hike itself is just shy of one mile to the top and the same back to the parking. You will be hiking close to a 1000 feet in elevation, so might want o take it easy on the way up. The summit is very beautiful with spectacular views, especially on a clear day. Take a picture with the AT plaque, sign your name into the log book and meet all kinds of interesting people, especially in April, when most thru hikers start on their 2180 mile hike to Main.

If in the area, you might want to stop at Long Creek Falls – a wonderful and pleasant waterfall hike in Blue Ridge.


Springer Mountain Directions from the Lilly Pad Village:

  • From the Lilly Pad go around the pond and take a left on Aska Road.
  • Take Aska to the very end (about 6 miles) until it dead ends into Newport.
  • Take a right onto Newport.
  • Take Newport to the very end, until it dead ends into Double Head Gap. (About 4 miles)
  • Take a right on DHG.
  • In about a mile and a half you will see a large church on your right – right across the church, on your left, there is F.S. 42 – take a left onto 42 (a gravel/dirt road.)
  • Drive 6.5 miles until you see the parking lot on your left. Drive slow as the road has fairly deep holes.
  • Once you park, you will see the AT Trail Blazer (A white vertical rectangle).
  • Follow the Trail Blazer (the A.T.) south until you reach the summit.


After or before your great hike to Springer Mountain, spend some time at the Lilly Pad Village and try your luck in gem mining or fishing on the Lilly Pond. Guided Hiking Around Blue Ridge, GA

Ask us about a great loop hike around Springer Mountain (that is if you feel a bit more adventurous)

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