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Best Gem Mining

In the Heart of Aska

It’s not just gem mining, but it’s an experience!

Gem-Mining has always been a favorite with our past and new customers. Unfortunately, the past two years of management introduced a change to our gem-mining experience. This resulted in a deteriorating environment and the loss of some of our die-hard gem miners.


We are back under old management!

We have renovated our gem mining area and reintroduced the old magic that the Lilly Pad customers favored.

Please bear with us as we work through any kinks and damages from past years. We promise you and your children will have an extraordinary experience you won’t soon forget.

Download our Gem Mining ID Card.

You do not need to bring this card with you. We do have them laminated at the gem mining flumes. This is simply for your personla use.

Gem ID Card Lilly Pad Village