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So what are the top ten things to do in Blue Ridge?

Searching Google for the top ten things to do in Blue Ridge will result in dozens of compilations by businesses, the Chamber of Commerce, Social Media etc. Most of these are purely marketing driven or even self serving.

So here is my version – my list of top ten things to do in Blue Ridge, GA: (My belief as to why most of us visit (and eventually live) in this beautiful part of the World):

  1. Take a deep breath – enjoy the taste of fresh air.
  2. Take a drink of our amazingly tasty and clean water.
  3. Open your ears and listen to the sounds of nature.
  4. Let your soul refresh while your eyes take in the beautiful surroundings.
  5. Leave your cell phone and gadgets behind – they really do not work up here anyhow.
  6. Enjoy spending quality time with your family and friends.
  7. Reacquaint yourself with simple pleasures of life – you will be so much richer.
  8. Be adventurous – explore the mountains – leave your fears behind!
  9. Learn to live with wildlife – animals will not hurt you unless they feel threatened.
  10. Last but not least do all above over again the next day!

A word of advice or rather a favor I am asking of you: please enjoy what we have to offer but leave no trace of yourself behind!

Unfortunately I personally fill hundreds of trash bags each year on hiking trails, alongside Aska Road etc. We would like to keep this area as pristine and clean as possible both for your and our enjoyment.

So there you go – the above would be on top of my priorities. I own a business and do make my living by having our guests visit the Lilly Pad, but I have NEVER forgotten the above. Try it – you will love it also!