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Open Every Day from 11:00 to 3:00

Weather permitting. In case of freezing temperatures, please call ahead.

SAVE 10%

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Plan ahead, pre-purchase your tickets and SAVE 10%. Pre-purchased tickets can be used ANY time during regular business hours and will never expire until redeemed.

You DO NOT have to print your tickets. Just give us your name when you arrive. Our ticketing goes straight to our POS and your tickets are printed here at the Lilly Pad Village.

Please DO NOT purchase Mini Golf Tickets for kids under four years of age. Kids under 4 years of age - play FREE!

Purchase a gift card

Purchase a Lilly Pad Village Gift Card. Makes a great Christmas present. Gift cards do not expire until they are redeemed. Good for all activities and merchandise at the Lilly Pad Village. Call if you have any questions: 706-534-1317.

Gem Mining Gift Card

For Gem Mining:

You will receive two empty cups (no dirt or gemstones in the cups) at the beginning of your adventure. The one with the scoop is the dirt cup; the other is the measuring (weight) cup. The dirt cups are filled with dirt (and gemstones) from the treasure boxes – dug and ‘mined’ by you. This mix is ‘washed’ in our wood flumes, thus separating the gemstones from the dirt. The measuring cups are then filled with the gemstones you find, and the content is put in plastic bags for you to take home when full.