We are OPEN Monday through Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

We try to provide a safe and responsible environment for both our customers and our employees.

In order to provide a safe environment, only one family (group) is allowed in our store at a time (maximum of five people). Putters, golf balls, fishing poles, scoopers (and in general, anything that would be touched by anyone) are disinfected after each use. We allow one group per flume at our gem mining – hence there might be times that there is a short wait for our customers. We prefer to take credit card payments if in any way possible. Credit card terminals are wiped off after each use. Our employees wear gloves that are changed after each interaction and gloves are provided for our customers if you choose to wear one.

Also, keep in mind, that all our activities are in the open, with lots of space, fresh air, and beautiful scenery.

We hope to see you soon!

Please call us – 706-534-1317 – if you have any questions.

We apologize – our shopping cart is being repaired – currently, it does not accept coupon codes. Please let us know when you arrive that you tried to purchase tickets online and we shall extend the same discount here at our facility.

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Plan ahead, pre-purchase your tickets and SAVE 15%. Pre-purchased tickets can be used ANY time during regular business hours and will never expire until redeemed.

You DO NOT have to print your tickets. Just give us your name when you arrive. Our ticketing goes straight to our POS and your tickets are printed here at the Lilly Pad Village.

Please DO NOT purchase Mini Golf Tickets for kids under four years of age. Kids under 4 years of age - play FREE!

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