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Open Every Day from 11:00 to 4:00

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Plan ahead, pre-purchase your tickets and SAVE 10%. Pre-purchased tickets can be used ANY time during regular business hours and will never expire until redeemed.

You DO NOT have to print your tickets. Just give us your name when you arrive. Our ticketing goes straight to our POS and your tickets are printed here at the Lilly Pad Village.

Please DO NOT purchase Mini Golf Tickets for kids under four years of age. Kids under 4 years of age - play FREE!

Gem Mining Adventure

Your Gem Mining adventure starts when you receive a black bucket with a scoop and a silver cup. You take the black bucket with the scoop to the treasure box. Dig hard, work hard, find and scoop out the Gem Stones of the dirt, and fill up the bucket with them. Take the bucket filled with Gem Stones to the flumes and dump the contents of your bucket into the sifter. Submerge the contents of the sifter in the running water, shake out the dirt, and wash the gemstones. Work hard, and you will see the miracle happening right in front of your eyes. The ordinary-looking stones become sparkling, flashing, shiny Gem Stones. Once you are done with the washing, pick up your precious treasures and fill up your silver cup with them. Repeat the process until the silver cup of your choice is filled. Once it is filled, you’re done, and we will give you plastic bags so you can take home your pure, shiny, tiny, and big, precious gemstones.