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Activities For Kids In Blue Ridge GA

Kids Activities Are Seasonal

Activities for Kids, just like adults, are abundant in our beautiful surroundings, the serene ambiance and the natural beauty that is Blue Ridge. Perhaps the best news is that wifi is very spotty the best, so your kids can certainly ‘disconnect’ from their ‘toys’ and get to enjoy the outdoors without the electronic noise and without disruption.

Kids and adult activities are of course seasonal, but every one of the four seasons offers a variety of great kids activities.

Summer Activities

Summer activities are of course well known – tubing, kayaking, boating, fishing, hiking, horse riding, zip-lining – and of course, let’s not forget the amazing gem mining at the Lilly Pad Village as well as our shaded and challenging mini-golf course. Some of these activities have age restrictions, so please verify before deciding on a certain kid activity. The Fannin County Chamber Of Commerce has a wonderful list of 25 fun things to do with kids in Blue Ridge – their website is worth a visit. They also have a great list of outdoor recreational activities that are worth a look.

If you decide to fish our rivers, creeks, and lake, please be aware that the Department Of Natural Resources requires a fishing license. You can call 800-366-2661 to obtain one, or visit DNR’s website for further information. Also note, that a lot of great looking fishing spots are on private property, so, please respect private and no trespassing signs.

Fall Activities

Based on the season, visiting one of the area’s orchards is a great kid activity. Certain times of the year, most orchards provide a ‘you pick’ experience, which can be not only fun but also educational. Speaking or orchards, our fall season offers some amazing festivals and perhaps the best apples you ever tasted. Throughout the year, our little town of Blue Ridge offers a variety of live music and entertainment. I once again refer the reader to the Fannin County Chamber of Commerce for an up to date calendar of events! Please keep in mind that some of these events may not be suitable for kids. Fall season Blue Ridge festivals are also very popular and worth visiting.

Spring Activities

Spring, being my favorite season offers an abundance of colors and photo opportunities. Just driving around the area will take your breath away, however, if you would like a real treat, visit Gibbs Gardens. A bit of a drive from Blue Ridge, but you will e glad you did it. In the Spring, the breathtaking flowers of Rhododendrons, Mountain Laurels, Day Lillies … just to mention a few. If you get here early spring, keep an eye out for our beautiful lines of Bradford pear trees and plentiful Dogwoods. Early and late spring the water activities are kind of ‘out’ unless you are brave enough to dip in the cold waters of the Toccoa River. Since I am on the topic of ‘dipping’ – when the weather gets warmer, it is a lot of fun to hike to Long Creek Falls and wade in the little pond at the base of the waterfall and get wet. Word of caution: rocks are slippery so use good judgment!

Kids will enjoy riding the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway. This is perhaps best during the spring, fall and winter months. The train offers some cool kids activities, Santa Train, pumpkin picking during Thanks Giving … and of course the famous leaf season rides.

Winter Activities

Winter months are probably the least popular when it comes to outdoor kids’ activities – but all is not lost! Of course, catching a nice snowfall will make any child excited. Sledding, snowball fights and of course building a snowman! I personally love winter and snow hikes. The snow is beautiful and during the winter months, the views are more spectacular due to the lack of leaves blocking your views. The Lilly Pad Village gets very busy with winter gem miners! It is cold, but we provide a nice heated area, hot water for your hands and the award-winning gem mining experience we are so famous for. Just read the Lilly Pad Reviews!

So, to summarize – your kids will enjoy activities in Blue Ridge, no matter the season. It is so wonderful to allow them the opportunity to be outdoors, to explore and be with one with nature and learn things that they would not be able to learn in cities. Also, it is wonderful for them to learn to respect the flora and fauna that lives in these mountains, to breathe clean air and to be able to drink water that is not bottled in a plastic container.

In closing, I feel I need to mention that we are surrounded by wildlife, that normally will not bother you unless you bother them. Killing even the smallest and most annoying gnats can have a serious impact on our environment. As small as some creatures are, they do have a serious part of our ecosystem and do serve a purpose. Also, when in the woods (in fact, anywhere you visit in Blue Ridge) please help us keep the area clean and pristine. Just like you found it.

Leave nothing but footprints,
Take nothing but pictures
Kill nothing but time!