Best Gem Mining

In the Heart of Aska

Not just gem mining  a gem mining experience!

We do not use the word best lightly. The Lilly Pad Village is NOT JUST GEM MINING WE ARE AN EXPERIENCE! We guarantee that your gem mining adventure will be the best ever! We can be imitated but never duplicated! The Lilly Pad gem mining is not only fun and entertaining but it is interactive and certainly memorable. We work very hard to offer the most generous, comfortable and educational gem mining experience in Blue Ridge. Every bucket is totally unique and the gemstones are large and colorful. You may find EmeraldsSapphiresRubiesGarnetsAmethyst, Quartz of all colors, Tigers Eye and Moonstones just to name a few.

The Lilly Pad Village

Best Gem Mining – Happiest Miners!

We DO NOT use sand, so your fun can literally last as long as you wish. (sand washes through in no time). Our gem buckets are loaded and our knowledgeable staff is ALWAYS at hand to explain what you find, offer valuable and educational information on gemstones in general or give directions and recommendations to hiking, dining and other Blue Ridge activities. Your kids will have fun with gemstone magic (where a large gemstone or two magically appear out of nowhere in their trays). No one leaves the Lilly Pad Village without a huge stash, without a smile and without the wish to be back soon. We get hundreds of repeat business, great reviews and lots of kids (and adults) showing up three / four times during the course of their vacation. Repeat miners always get a discount!

The Lilly Pad Gem Mining is located on our beautiful property, away from Aska Road, away from traffic and noise, offering a covered and shaded area with seating for parents, fans to cool the air and to chase bugs away. Most times in the season, we also offer on-site gem-polishing. Jim and Karen are not only very knowledgeable but also fun and entertaining, providing great social interaction.

We simply LOVE making kids smile, see parents happy  and of course look forward to seeing them the next day (It happens way too often)

Do not forget buying tickets online will always SAVE you money. Gem Mining makes a great gift! Gift certificates are available. Discount for groups of ten or more.

Gem Mining Pricing

One Gallon Bucket - Great for individuals.
12 LBS of gem dirt about 8 to 10 oz. plus of assorted gemstones.
Two Gallon Bucket - Great sharing size for two or just enjoy it by yourself!.
24 LBS of gem dirt - about 16 to 20 oz. of gemstone finds.
Five Gallon Bucket - good for up to eight guests.
About 50 LBS of gem dirt with about $25.00 worth additional gemstones and a gem ID card.
You will walk away with about 50 to 60 oz. plus of gemstones per bucket.
Gem ID Card$3.00

Download our Gem Mining ID Card.

You do not need to bring this card with you. We do have them laminated at the gem mining flumes. This is simply for your personla use.

Gem ID Card Lilly Pad Village