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Tigers Eye is a powerful gemstone that aids harmony and balance. It also helps you release fear and anxiety.It stimulates taking action, and helps make decisions unclouded by emotions.

Tigers EyeTraditionally it was carried as an amulet against curses or ill-wishes, and it is known to offer courage, self confidence and strength. It enhances creativity and is one of the stones that balances the brain. It may be of benefit to help those who are suffering from mental disease or with personality disorders.

Tigers Eye are profound amplifiers of energy, similar to most quartz crystals, and will boost the energy of any other crystals you use it with.

It aids your ability to work through difficult times. It is known to aid the healing of broken bones, and it helps to enhance your strength when needed.

Find Tigers Eye at the Lilly Pad Gem MiningThis gemstone is an excellent stone for meditation and it is helpful to manifest those things that you desire into your world. It is an excellent stone for abundance and prosperity. Tigers Eye is also a stone of balance.

It will help you to be clearer mentally, and will charge the intellect as it allows you to remain calm and grounded through changes.

The origin of Tigers Eye relates to its resemblance to the eye of a tiger or a cats eye. Its color is yellow brown to golden brown and it is very attractive with lovely bands of color through it. While it is not really classified as a quartz crystal, it could be said to be in the quartz family as it is a variety of quartz with inclusions of fibers of gold asbestos which gives it the golden color.

Tigers Eye is found in South Africa, but it also comes from Brazil, India, Burma, Western Australia and USA.

Gem mining at the Lilly Pad Village near Blue Ridge, Georgia will give you an opportunity to find your own Tigers Eye.

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