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Covered Gem Mining in case of rain.

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The Lilly Pad Village

The Lilly Pad Village, located in the heart of the Aska Adventure Area (just eight miles out of Blue Ridge, GA. in the heart of Aska) is designed around a beautiful mountain setting with picturesque views and sounds of nature. We offer Gem Mining, Fishing, Miniature Golf, fun gifts, friendly staff, beautiful property, a kid’s and pet-friendly environment, picnic tables, and a fun destination.

Imitated but never duplicated, the Lilly Pad Village offers precisely what you want when visiting our beautiful mountains: A piece of Heaven, away from highways, parking lots, and traffic. It is a place of tranquility, restfulness, and positive energy. A destination for laughter and smiles where you can spend an hour or an entire day leaving stress behind.

Why choose the Lilly Pad?

Because we are different, we offer our pristine property, friendly staff, serenity, decks and picnic tables, sociable pets, flowers, and trees for the entire day if you wish.

Our upbeat music will make you smile as you enter, as will the friendliness of our staff. The Lilly Pad shop is the center of fun things that await you here at the Lilly Pad Village. It is where you select your activities, get information on hiking trails and local fun, find gifts, jewels, snacks, ice cream, hot and cold drinks, and make friends.

You will immediately start feeling stress slip away.

Our decks and picnic tables are free to use for our guests. Free Wi-Fi if you need it. The views of our two ponds, the big Lilly Pond, fully stocked, and the small pond with koi fish, is breathtaking; the breeze is inviting, and the sounds mesmerizing. Laughter from the mini-golf course will make you smile.

We know you have choices.

The Lilly Pad activities are fun, but what makes the Lilly Pad the BEST family place in Blue Ridge is described above. Of course, we are a business, but we are also so much more: we are a destination you will remember your children will remember for years to come!

The Lilly Pad offers substantial parking areas, covered gem mining, mini-golf in the woods, and many shaded areas.

You will understand why the Lilly Pad Village, the heart of the Aska Adventure Area, is an outstanding choice!